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I learned a few things at the recent Coe Place Block Club meeting last Thursday evening about two houses on Dodge Street, right around the corner from Belmont Shelter. While Coe Place residents are struggling to maintain the integrity of their very unique street, we got this going on around the corner.

90 Dodge Street was the scene of recent devestating fire. Please join area residents who are calling for the immediate demolition of this fire ravaged house. Call Ellicott Council Member Brian Davis and help get this property inspected and into Judge Nowak's Housing Court. Brian Davis can be reached at 851-4200.
90 Dodge Street
90 Dodge Street - 6/2006
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97 Dodge Street is owned by the City of Buffalo. It appears to be in excellent structural condition. New roof and the foundation appears solid, too! If you are interested in re-habing this totally unique home, please let me know. We will do our best to walk you through the steps and help put this property into qualifed hands.
97 Dodge Street
97 Dodge  Street - 6/2006
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97 Dodge is less than 100' feet away from this intersection at Michigan Avenue. Rocco Termini, who was called out this past week in a story about predatory lending on Buffalo's East Side, built these two houses and is completing another 24 homes just like this in conjunction with Belmont Shelter. Read about Rocco!
Michigan Avenue & Dodge Streets
1201 Michigan Ave - 6/2006
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