Forgotten City [?]

New post over at Buffalo Rising has created a stir about race and various issues relating to the decline of Buffalo. This post, while publicizing the premeire of Forgotten Buffalo next Tuesday at the Market Arcade has generated the hottest convervation about race in recent Buffalo blogosphere memory.

In the comments section "Brotha, keepin it real" is responding to a frequent BRO commenter, who uses "L" as a name...Brotha responds to a series of rather open questions "L" is asking of the film. Here's "Brotha's" response...

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You do know that lots of educated, enterprising black folks from Buffalo have left and continue to leave because of the lack of opportunity...and because of the attitudes of white folks like you? [emphasis - me and question mark in original]

Repay Buffalo for the Underground Railroad? Are you fucking kiddingme? Why don't you just count your blessings that a majority of blackfolks aren't demanding reparations for the institution of slavery inthe first place and pour yourself a nice tall glass of Shut The Fuck Up.

Blacks in civil service jobs, huh? I'll bet all the money in mypockets against all the money in your pockets, that even with a black mayor, there are more employees in City Hall who got their jobs through affiliations with South Buffalo's Goin' South than there are who got their jobs through the East Side's Grass Roots.

And if black folks are supposed to thank the kind white folks of Buffalo for helping some escape slavery like obsequious SteppinFetchits, whose asses do they kick for the rampant, systemic racism that kept black folks out of labor unions--the cornerstone of the community's middle class?

You are a fool.

If BRO pulls the comments...Brotha and L feel free to let it loose here. No advertisers to offend.

Another long hot summer in the 'hood. Meanwhile check out Booker Rising! for additional discussion about reparations, race and urban decline.

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Anonymous said...

Premier is on Saturday, June 10 -- not Tuesday. Just want to clarify!