Reconnecting Buffalo

Despite the persistant abandonment, decline, vacancy and population loss, there is tons of evidence in Buffalo regarding the reconstruction of the urban scene, the likes of which we haven't seen in years, perhaps decades. (In my corner of Masten - count it - $5 million for the Merriwether Library, $15 million for Artspace and $30 million for the reconstruction of a permanent home for Performing Arts High School.) Perhaps just as ambitous as flattening the skyway and bringing that mistake back to grade level, it's time to plan on reconnecting the neighborhoods and streets that were separated by the 33.

Chicago based architect, David Steele, has an excellent and thought provoking post over at BRO, that's worth checking out about re-connecting the street pattern that made Buffalo such a unique City. Here's the link.
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On the right hand side, just behind the hospital lies the former German Catholic Roman Orphan Home. It's that complex with the smoke-stack. And it's the first stop on the Tour de Neglect that I'm leading on July 9th in collaboration with the Preservation Coaltion. We meet on Main Street near Coe Place. If you haven't experienced the scar that David Steele writes about as a pedestrian or cyclist, consider joining us on Sunday July 9th.

Make sure to check out the growing list of comments in David's post Pay particular attention to "Doktor K" and "L"..."L's" critique of the urban landscape is simultaneously realistic and quite visionary.
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