Summer Bicycle Tour...2006

I've been working with Preservation Coalition board members Cynthia van Ness, Todd Mitchell and Chuck LaChiusa over the past few months in developing what I think is a rather unique opportunity to see and experience the City. Click on any of the red points to see the details and pics.

We'll be starting the tour in Buffalo's Midtown on Coe Place at 11am and winding our way around some of the lesser known portions of the City's East Side. Lunch in MLK Park with Olmsted folks talking about our City's park system. Bring a picnic lunch and plenty of fluids! Rick's Cycle Shop will be providing tech help along the way. The tour will end at Old Edition's Book Shop and Cafe around 3pm. The tour is scheduled three times this summer. Mark your calendar for the following dates. Additional booking details to follow.
  • Sunday June 4th
  • Sunday July 9th
  • Saturday September 2nd
Make sure to check out Chuck LaChiusa'a site, Buffalo as an Architectural Museum and the Preservation Coalition's site for all sorts of information about Buffalo and its architectural legacy. The full Preservation Coalition's tour schedule will be available soon.

Tim Tielman and the Campaign for Buffalo has already released their summer tour schedule. Check it out, here.

Monday morning update...

Tim Tielman just let me know that his Summer 2006 Tour Schedule will be finalized soon...meanwhile keep checking out Tim's blog, over here. Chris Hawley has been posting there, too.


fixBuffalo said...

Good to have you aboard. Consider linking to your blog and help promote it.

Implicit in the 'text' of this tour is the full understanding that there is lots of opportunity for development in the City.

All of these "catholic complexes" are like totally ripe for positive development. The Wollenberg Grain Elevator is part of the tour, too as its the only City owned National Register Property that allows "urban camping." Really. Reservations are not required...

It was very difficult shaping this tour to a manageable size. I've had lots of help...check back for additional information about PresCo and Campaign for Buffalo Summer Tours...

Perhaps by the end of the summer we can get the other 3 properties in housing court.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the July 9th Tour of Neglect & the companionship of the bikers on the tour. Although I did not grow up on the East side, I have fond memories visiting my father's parents who lived there until they passed away. I spent many a summer weekend at their house on Koons Ave. and at my Aunt's house on Warren. I enjoyed walking to the market pushing my Grandmother's wire cart, wading in the pool at what is now MLK Park. I laugh at when I got lost at Sattlers on Broadway and they had to page my Aunt to come and get me.

Unfortunately, I hate to say it, but my parents and aunts and uncles all left the East Side and moved to the suburbs in the 50's and 60's. My Dad had continued to work at a linoleum store on Broadway (Modern Lino) until he found a better job at the Orchard Park Post Office which is a lot closer to where we lived. That store, Modern Lino as well as many others have been long gone since the 70's.

I've been to cities like Detroit (which is a larger version of Buffalo as far as the neglect of core city) and vibrant cities like Chicago where there is housing, stores and people everywhere in the city and I ask myself why does one city succeed where another does not? I know many factors are involved including transportation (mass transit and highways), demographics - who is living where, quality of schools, jobs, government, taxes etc.

So in conclusion, thanks for offering this tour.