On Craigslist...

I've posted the Woodlawn Row Houses on Craigslist, here in the Toronto section. My sitemeter is going nuts with hundreds of hits in the past few days. I've shown the property to a number of interested people in the past few months. I've also posted in Pittsburgh and Ann Arbor. Let's see what happens.

Today, I had unique hits of my blog from Buffalo's City Hall, morning, noon and a few hours ago. Someone's working late. I'll repost in some other cities so long as the Law Dept. leaves me alone.
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Brian W. Barringer said...

I advertise on craigslist all the time. I bet you would get at least 2x the traffic if you posted in new york city craigslist.

By then way, I really admire your blog. I have been reading it for a while I feel like through your blog and the others you link to I know buffalo pretty well. Hope to visit one day. And just now I am starting my own blog thanks to reading this.

fixBuffalo said...

Hey Brian thanks for the kind words...I've read recently that the NYC realestate on Craigslist gets is turned over on an hourly basis with agents/brokers churning the list.

Keep checking back. Though the focus is the City's eastside...I venture out on occasion, too.