Woodlawn Row Houses - Vandalized!

I've been dreading this.
Finally on way home today, (see previous two posts) I stopped by to check on the Woodlawn Row Houses. Documenting the urban erosion and demolition by neglect of this City of Buffalo owned local-landmark has been and remains the primary focus of this blog.

Today I took these pics...
DSCN2673 DSCN2674
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Seems like over the weekend, probably sometime Monday morning, the Woodlawn Row Houses were broken into and judging by the tracks in the snow a few heavy things - probably the furnace and hot water tanks - were stolen. I know this sort of vandalism may startle some people and I certainly have never heard of this happening in the suburbs, the Elmwood Village or in the more prosperous areas of North Buffalo. Here in the 'hood...it happens often...look at the next few posts!

Remember, the Woodlawn Avenue Row Houses were designated a "local-landmark" by the Preservation Board here in Buffalo, NY and have now been owned by the City of Buffalo for three years. These row houses sit diagonally across the street - google map - and less than 100' from the main entrance of the curent home of Waterfront Elementary School and the future home of Performing Arts High School.

I've been photo-documenting the long slow demoltion by neglect of the Woodlawn Row Houses since March 2004. This is one of my favorite recent pics...from September 2005.
Woodlawn Row Houses 9/2005
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