Blogging Buffalo

Ok, I'm taking a few hits today by calling out Jennifer as the Grandmother of the Buffalo Blogosphere in an article in today's Buffalo News by Steve Watson. Make sure to check out the other blogs that Steve mentions.
While some of us are suburban and sometimes snarky, most of us are City folks and as you will see, rather opinionated. Common denomiator, we love Buffalo and believe her best days are just dawning. And yes most of have met off-line for coffee at one time or another and even got together last yearover beer and wings at the Anchor Bar for Buffalo's first BloggerCon. As soon as Warren from Omaha allows Buffalo Newsreporters to start blogging, like they do in Toronto we'll really seeblogging go to the next level here in Buffalo...Until then, check outBuffalo Bloggers for the latest buzz about Buffalo and be sure to checkout David Steele's latest post over at Buffalo Rising. A Peek at Heaven and Possibly Hell picks up on a theme that I've been developing over here in the Annals of Neglect.
And a special thanks to Jen over at Jennimi for introducing me to Steve Watson. I just found out that Steve went to journalism school with this guy from the Financial Times, cool. Small world.
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All Things Jennifer said...

I still like ya a little bit...you owe me beers ;)

fixBuffalo said...

Grandmother is a whole lot better than blog-whore, don't you think?

You really are the one who started us all out down this road...

Anonymous said...

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