Tour de Neglect returns!

Jane's Walk, a series of free, locally organized walks inspired by urbanist Jane Jacobs, will feature my Tour de Neglect next Saturday, May 10, 9 AM. Ride your bike over to the Lafayette Hotel, where we will meet, for a walk on wheels of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Buffalo's East Side!


Here's the link. Below is the walk description:
Activist, blogger, and photographer David Torke will give the Tour de Neglect, a Jane's Walk on wheels that will bring cyclists across the oceanic devastation of Buffalo's East Side. Starting and ending at bookends of hope, with chapters on change in between, theTour de Neglect will include all the scandal of the Tour de France, without its spandex and champagne. The neglect of so many architectural treasures in Buffalo’s “Forgotten City” can only be described as criminal. This tour should come with a warning label: “May inspire feelings of civic duty and moral outrage.” The Tour de Neglact will include stops at St. Anne's Church, the Wilson Street Farm, Buffalo Central Terminal, the Simon brewery, and the Larkin Power House. 
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FYI the walk link is broken, currently goes to https://www.blogger.com/(http://www.janeswalk.org/united-states/buffalo-ny/tour-de-neglect/