Spring Time on the East Side = Demo Time

The following map identifies the latest package of 31 city-owned residential properties that the Division of Real Estate submitted to the Preservation Board for demolition final approval. The board will act on this request at this week's meeting on Thursday May 8th. All properties are located on the city's East Side.

In addition to the this list the city is also seeking to demolish Public School #26 on Harrison Street. (google map).

Buffalo Public School #26 - 82 Harrison Street

This latest demo package from City Hall comes less than a month after the previous request to demolish 36 other city-owned properties, see this google map. At least two of those properties will be under contract with people who are seeking to make these houses their home. Five additional properties from that same list have peaked the interest of two East Side housing agencies that didn't know the houses were actually available for sale. Property inspections for that string of Miller Street properties is expected later this week or next.

The East Side market is changing and houses that once were thought to be landfill bound are actually now in increasing demand by individuals - some being economically displaced from Queens NY and homesteaders and various housing agencies. Matching this growing demand with individuals, housing agencies and a more rational public policy approach that favors neighborhood stabilization is the task at hand. The velocity of the City's demolition program needs to be checked.


Jibreel Riley said...

Make a list starting from a scale of (salvageable to habitual) then start from there.

Anonymous said...

Also, maybe ask the next door neighbors if they WANT the piece of crap house next to them purchased by someone who will "fix" it up or just do everything illegally and continue the vicious cycle of neglect. I understand saving certain buildings but give me a break, the population is leaving stop trying to make it seem like people actually want to live in the bad neighborhoods you're trying to save!! Those days are over!!!!