City of Buffalo: For Sale - Week 2

1532 Genesee Street (google map) has been owned by the City of Buffalo since 1993. It formerly housed the city-run Genesee Moselle Counseling Clinic - DSAS that provided substance abuse treatment services to neighborhood residents.

IMG 4131

This is one of six commercial properties the City of Buffalo owns currently listed in the MLS system for sale. Here's the listing. This building is currently being monitored by Preservation Ready Sites and is currently listed as an at risk building. In addition, Addiction Help Line still refers people to this location.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at 1532 Genesee Street please contact the City of Buffalo Division of Real Estate.

Update: Do not call the number on the city's For Sale sign. That number is associated with a retired city employee. The outgoing message indicates that calls will not be returned.

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