City of Buffalo: For Sale - Week 3

725 Humboldt Parkway has been city-owned since 1957. According to BringingBackBuffalo the Second United Presbyterian Church sold the building for a staggering $120,000 to the City of Buffalo. Today, according to the same source, $760k of funding is currently being sought for environmental clean-up and restoration as a possible condition of a future sale. $500K of those funds were secured in municipal bonds.

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Inflation adjusted that 1957 sale exceeds 1M today. This is rather interesting sum as planning for the Kensington Expressway, 20' from the church's front door, was well underway. Does anyone know where that congregation moved? Was this sale part of a larger pattern where the City provided relief to property owners along the Kensington Expressway's planned route?

This is one of six city-owned commercial properties the City of Buffalo currently has listed for sale. Here's the official listing. Because this property is located in the Hamlin Park Historic District, a potential renovation project is eligible for Historic Tax Credits.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at 725 Humboldt Parkway please contact the City of Buffalo Division of Real Estate.

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Kurt Carroll said...

The congregation moved to Amherst. It is now Amherst Presbyterian. http://amherstpreschurch.org/apc_about.htm