Photo of the Day: 36

Jefferson Avenue and Carlton Street (google map).

IMG 2584

Traffic to and from the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus will become more efficient (i.e., faster) once this new Carlton Street connector to the Kensington Expressway entrance on Jefferson Avenue is completed.

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Frank Lynch said...

A friend turned me on to this series, and I'm thankful for you doing this, and sorry that this is what Buffalo has come to.

I've taken day trips to Trenton to take photos very similar to what you have here, but more as a "tourist" than as a documentarian. And if Trenton has arguments for its downtrod similar to what you've cited -- the amputation of neighborhoods thanks to a highway -- I'm unaware of them.

I think you've engaged in a noble project.

<a href="http://www.samueljohnson.com/blog/>Frank Lynch</a>