Buffalo's Culture of Demolition: Part I

In Buffalo NY demolition runs deep.  Entire neighborhoods in what could have become historic districts were routinely trucked to the landfill. Urban renewal projects or parking lots. Progress usually means a parking lot.

This morning Buffalo New's reporter Mark Sommer writes...
The 1950 demolition of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Administration Building for a parking lot is widely considered one of the great architectural tragedies of the 20th century. Read the rest...
Meet Buffalo's original demolition man. The New York Times ran a story about Phillip Schwab five years ago.

FEW people outside Buffalo, where he grew up, have ever heard of Philip B. Schwab. That is not by accident. 
Yes, he once operated the largest demolition company in the country, tore down the old Madison Square Garden and gutted the original Yankee Stadium. Yes, he’s like a legend in what he calls “the wrecking business.” 
Smokestack America was rapidly being dismantled. Here, a steel plant in Maryland. There, a brewery in Michigan. Mr. Schwab, who had grown up poor, dropped out of high school. Read the rest...
Tomorrow marks the 8th anniversary of the death of Jane Jacobs. What a wonderful time to get involved and celebrate her life and work. Read Tim Tielman's interview with her after the link. Consider joining The Campaign for Greater Buffalo, the group that is on the front lines and fighting to save the Larkin Power House.

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