Seeing Buffalo - Week #4

Here's a look back at some of the places I've seen this past week.   If you're not familiar with the locations you can see them on the flickr map next to each photo. In some cases I've provided a description of the place or links to additional information.
To see the individual photos and related maps, follow this link or you can view the series as a slideshow


mike raleigh said...

what is the deal with the big brick place on watson st?

fix buffalo said...

Mike - that building is part of the catholic complex located at 198 Emslie Street, the former home of Sacred Heart - church, school (now demolished), rectory and nunnery.

I'm writing a post about this place - search the blog for previous posts - early this week. Really fascinating developments. Sad.

Resurrect Buffalo said...

Is this the “Witness Cathedral Chapel” ?

If so, what a great building - I love the clipped gable ends (hip roof) design.

Resurrect Buffalo said...

OMG! What a great collection of buildings!

I noticed newer in-fill buildings but yet this complex still stands!

The two buildings behind the main church could have been converted into townhouses, the church may have been a challenge but WTF?

Another great building located in an area where no one really wants to live.

It was UKRANIAN ORTHODOX until 1977 so I cannot blame the catholics for this one!