1370 Michigan Avenue: City-owned and "Occupied"

Members of a local Occupy Wall Street group - Occupy Western New York - contacted me recently and asked about a number of housing opportunities in the neighborhood.  We discussed several possibilities.  Here's what 1370 Michigan looks like today.  

1370 Michigan - Buffalo, NY

At Thursday evening's General Assembly they decided to go forward and "occupy" 1370 Michigan Avenue, a house the City had previously offered as $1 homestead eligible property.  

1370 Michigan was acquired by the City three years ago in a tax foreclosure proceeding.  Two months ago the City wanted to demolish this two-family house.  It's located in a section of Midtown that's experiencing considerable grass-roots investment and support.  A small group of neighbors and City residents surveyed the house and pursuaded the City not to demolish the property. 

YNN carried the news about today's first Buffalo "occupation" of a foreclosed property.  Based on the commitment and determination of these members of the 99%, it's only the first house to be occupied.  Learn more about their activity and reach them on Facebook - Occupy Western New York.  


Christine L. Slocum said...

Vacant houses in Seattle are being "occupied" similarly. I hope the Occupiers in WNY are better neighbors than the ones in Seattle were. Vandalism, graffiti, broken windows and shoplifting spiked. With that said, I understand from people who have been part of Occupy Seattle, Occupy Wall Street in NYC, Occupy Syracuse, and Occupy Portland that Seattle's strange.

Bullwinkle said...

Does this mean that they'll try to repair it (as in windows). If so then I hope they succeed and more of these houses are "occupied".

Brandon Brooks said...

I haven't heard anything about Occupy Seattle's home occupation, but were completely against vandalism, graffiti, drugs, etc. We're looking to eventually reduce the crime rate of the community, through programs such as a free day care, community farms, and even just good deeds throughout the neighborhood.

And yes, we're working on a full restoration of the house, and after this first is complete, we'll be working on as many as we can.

buffalove said...

very creative ideas happening on the East Side. Between Torke, Farmers and Builders and a few others.. I can honestly see parts of the east side rebounding slowly but surely. What an exciting time we live in!

Christine L. Slocum said...

Brandon - Awesome. Keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

let's go buffalo and hello urban renewal homestead act! own your house, get off debt, grow your food, use a land line if there are multiple phones in your house, try limiting your gas and electric, build solar and wind generators to off set costs, read more science and learn math, and occupy your existence,learn to communicate

Theia Moyer said...

Goodbye house!