Developing Jefferson: Four year follow-up

Four years ago I posted this post/pic, showing a brand new sign at the corner of Jefferson and Best.  I've passed through this intersection hundreds of times since.  I haven't seen any changes.  I snapped this new pic last week.
City records indicate the City of Buffalo still owns a number of parcels at this corner.  An entity known as "Robbed of our Youth" purchased one of these parcels, fronting on Jefferson, shortly after this sign appeared in January 2008.  Does anyone have a clue as to what is happening (or not) at this corner?  


Anonymous said...

I bet J. L. Washington might have an idea.

Library Diva said...

I drive by this corner on a regular basis, too, and have often wondered where this mystery project stands. You should call the phone number and see what you can find out.

Normally, I'm not one to advocate this sort of thing, but I think it might actually be good if the city put some overflow parking there. Whenever there's an event across the street, it's downright dangerous in through there. People aren't supposed to park along Best, but they do it anyway, and I've seen police officers ignore it.

Failing that, maybe they could get an officer to direct traffic. I bet many small, non-news making accidents happen there all the time during football season.