Another one falling: 245 East Ferry Street

The bricks started falling from this mixed-use commercial building at 245 East Ferry Street yesterday (google map).  The yellow ribbon appeared this morning.  Can the bulldozers be far behind?   
245 East Ferry - Buffalo, NY
245 East Ferry Street
The current owner, Full Gospel Mission Inc., purchased the building in 1982.  According to City records a Housing Court case wrapped up in April 2010 with a signed affidavit indicating the owner's consent for demolition.  And according to New York State records the entity - Full Gospel Mission Inc. - no longer exists.   
The abandoned store front church at 245 East Ferry is the last reminder of a former vibrant city block that was once lined with mixed-use commercial buildings between Welker and Verplanck Streets.  The same entity owns the empty corner lot at 247 East Ferry, directly opposite one of the City's most popular soul food restaurants - Gigi's.  One of the East Side's most important commercial intersections is one block away - Jefferson and East Ferry.  
Here's a side view of 245 East Ferry from earlier this month. The building appears to be structurally sound. It seems counter-intuitive to demolish a building like this given it's condition and proximity to an existing commercial corridor.  A creative reuse plan for this property may have short window.  


Leah MacVie said...

Darn, it looks like so many things could have gone here- a children-specific community center or day care springs to mind... unfortunately, not many people are willing to invest in a neighborhood with neighbors that 'appear' to not care about their own properties and neighborhood. So now and empty lot will just sit there.

Rod McCallum said...

Appearances can be deceiving. There is a lot more care in the neighborhood than resources to invest. If those who have resources would spend some time getting to know those who care maybe we could bridge the gap. So long as those with resources assume that no one cares about places they don't care about our neighborhood will continue to fall apart.

Patty Banning said...

I drive by this building every day to/from work. The facade is crumbling but not beyond repair. It is has incredible potential. One block from Buffalo ReUse, in a neighborhood that has a wonderful energy and desire to not only survive but thrive.

Mike Raleigh said...

If there are people with money to invest in this building there are people in the neighborhood with the time and skills to put the place back together but time is of the essence. Contact David. Roof is leaking into the building but we could not do an interior inspection because it was too well secured.