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Friday morning's press event at the corner of Main & Ferry unveiled another piece of the puzzle in Midtown Buffalo's development. Housing Opportunities Made Equal will be make this architecturally significant late 19th century commercial building their new home. According to officials a closing date will be set and construction will begin shortly after the anticipated financing is finally assembled.
HOME recently celebrated its 45th year of advocating for fair housing here in Western New York. During Friday's press conference, former Buffalo Bill's tight end Ernie Warlick spoke about his experience with housing discrimination in 1962 when he first arrived in Buffalo.
1542 Main Street was purchased five years ago by local preservationist Scot Fisher and his wife who live in the neighborhood. During their watch, the building was sealed, the roof was repaired and fire and smoke alarms were hard wired - in short, the building was mothballed in such a way that other vacant property owners - and Housing Court - should take note. This is the sort of stewardship that preserves the opportunity for a building's successful future reuse.
Architect Charlie Gordon described the site's importance as a unique focal point for Buffalo - a place that will help reconnect a City divided by class and race along two sides of Main Street. Charlie presented the following renderings. The yellow brick building will replace the existing two story structure behind 1542 Main.
IMG_0526 IMG_0525
IMG_0524 IMG_0528
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Construction updates to follow in the coming months.

Update - January 2012: 1542 Main Street image archive 
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Mary/Bruce said...

Scott Fisher took a lot of shit from the "preservation community" while he owned this building. He and Jesse put their own time and money into properly sealing it. They paid the taxes, cut the lawn, and kept it from falling to the wrecking ball. No big profits come from its sale to HOME. Now, if Byron holds up his end of the agreement, HOME will have a real home. Thanks to the Fishers!

Anonymous said...

"Scott Fisher took a lot of shit from the "preservation community" " ...and from this blog should be added.

fix buffalo said...

1542 Main has been slightly off my radar for the last 5 years and it's the first time I've posted about it. As a neighbor and preservationist - with a thoughtful long view of Buffalo - what Scott has done at this location is nothing short of successful.

Anonymous said...

for the building on genessee that they tried to save