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See Shooting Buffalo for more about this series and my flickr for additional pics of Buffalo, NY. I'm collecting this daily series of pics - here.
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olcott_beach said...

I always marvel at how a buildings ground floor remains occupied but yet the upper floors have been abandoned!

The moisture damage alone must be horrendous and will, eventually, compromise the first floor.

Great building design by the way – I appreciate the detail in what was simply a commercial building with office above or were they living accommodations?

Mike Puma said...

Anyone have a location on this building? I know I have passed by before, but the address escapes me. It kind of reminds me of St. Vincent's

fix buffalo said...

It's located on William at the n/e corner of Sherman on the City's east side.

Yesterday's pic - the City's smallest church? - is across the street from this building.

STEEL said...

I would like to do a BRO post on this building. Do you have any more images of it and the interesting street to its right? What else is around it? What is the address?