Artspace - II?

I've been a huge fan of Artspace from the beginning and have been a supporter of the project since it hit the local radar in December 2004. Despite a few problems during the initial phases of site remediation - see, Secure the Site, June 2006 - and a few bumps in the construction schedule, the project has been really well received and a very welcome addition to the neighborhood. I've recently spoken to a number of the project's resident artists about the recent Artvoice article, too. Many of the issues - see, Space for Improvement - have been worked through, from what I understand.
This building located at 1217 Main, right next door to the lofts, was purchased two years ago by Artspace . Development decisions still aren't set and always thought something like this should go here. Prime space for something cool.

If you haven't checked out Coe Place recently - right around the corner - you should. Some really amazing rehab going on there. Updates soon...
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Anonymous said...

Parcel 1217 is assessed at 17,000 and is currently owned by Thelma e Richardson who from what I can tell is a member of the Northland Ave Cushion Block Club. She seemed to have bought the parcel in 2006


Anonymous said...

Thats the info I got from city hall. =\ hahaha