Seeing Buffalo - Week #3

Here's a look back at some of the places I've seen this past week.   If you're not familiar with the locations you can see them on the flickr map next to each photo. In some cases I've provided a description of the place or links to additional information.
To see the individual photos and related maps, follow this link or you can also view the series as a slideshow.


Anonymous said...

I wouldlike to be humorous and say: "it is nice to know where the bathrooms are located" but that may be in bad taste.

The last photo showing two guys standing on a porch; I really hope they are homesteaders or do they work for Buffalo Reuse?

fixBuffalo said...

Yes! The two guys on the front porch are part of Buffalo's exciting and emerging trend - urban homesteading. Mike, on the left in the photo, purchased this house at the City's tax sale last year. Really good news.