One to Save: 73 Dodge Street

Two months ago the City's Real Estate Division forwarded a proposal to demolish 24 City-owned properties to the Preservation Board for its comment.  The Preservation Board recommended against demolition of these properties,  but I've been told the City intends to move forward with the demolitions anyway.  With the exception of one - 73 Dodge (google map). 
73 Dodge Street
Brendan Mehaffy,  Executive Director of the Mayor's Office of Strategic Planning, has issued a temporary stay of execution for this heritage Midtown property, steps from the Summer/Best LRRT station.  The community has until June 30 before the bulldozers roll.  This property is available for $1 to a qualifed owner occupant.   Contact me for additional info. 73 Dodge Street image archive.
This house is one to save!  


Unknown said...

I'm puzzled - why does the city even bother to ask for the Preservation Board's recommendations if they're going to demo anyway? Very frustrating.

Anonymous said...

This may sound like a stupid question but, is this a two family home or does it just have two front entrances?

fixBuffalo said...

Here's the info from the recent properties evaluation report. You can access the full report by clicking on the first link in the post.

Size: Large. Two family. ~2000 sq ft. 2 story with large attic
Construction: Older home with full foundation and solid construction. No apparent
structural issues
Roof: Good condition. Some gutter work needed
Siding: Asphalt siding in fair condition
Rehab considerations: Likely a partial or full gut.
Comments: Should not be a candidate for demolition. Great location on the near East
Side in a neighborhood with considerable redevelopment in recent years. Located next
to a church. Vacant lot on the east side of the building. Great backyard with a shed that
needs a new roof an other repairs