Shooting Buffalo

While figuring out what to do next with my blog - as the primary reason for blogging about the City has now literally been sent to a landfill, here - I'll be posting a daily pic of the City. I carry a p/s camera with me all the time and have been inspired recently by Capturing the City - a very cool photo essay - that appeared in the New York Times the other day. Sean from one of the continent's most amazing photo collectives - Toronto's DK Photo Group - turned me on to the Big Picture from the Boston Globe. I dip into that on a regular basis for additional perspectives.

I'll be collecting these daily shots in my flickr stream and will add a slide shows and videos of the City along the way.

So, before the summer comes to an end I'll have a post-mortem on the Woodlawn Row Houses, or not.
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olcott_beach said...


Probably not an original thought, but perhaps you could put together a photography book of Buffalo’s immense inventory or urban decay.

Many of the east side buildings that we see today will no doubt be gone within the next decade unless there is a dramatic shift in economics or a huge wave of gentrification sweeps the area.

Your artistic eye will display the craftsmanship that made so many of these homes a sense of pride for their owners at one time but now forgotten in history.


Michael said...

You pictures are definitely really good. A book wouldn't be a bad idea, but the problem with those books are that they are way overpriced.