"Buffalo ReUse: Building Community" - Video

Carl Lee sent his video - Buffalo ReUse: Building Community - to me this morning. He shot it last year as part of a program sponsored by Squeaky Wheel.

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Unknown said...

Hi Dave -

I hope people will find the doc informative -- I wanted to emphasize how BR is much more than just green deconstruction of vacant properties. They have a bigger picture in mind which is to help rebuild communities -- the deconstruction is just a means to an end. They're a great organization and Michael Gainer is so vital, in my opinion, to this vision. I hope things will get sorted out such that he will still be able to create the energy and excitement around BR that he has been for so long.

You've developed a great blog -- important info and compelling photos. Thanks!


Michael R. Allen said...

I recently saw this video in St. Louis as part of the touring Urban Renewal Film Festival.

One of the best parts about the video is Michael Gainer's enthusiasm and passion -- he clearly is the glue for the organization.

What was the board thinking?