Homesteading the Queen City Farm Site

I had the opportunity to walk around the Queen City Farm block with Rod McCallum recently. While financing is still being lined up Rod assured me that he's on schedule for planting this Spring, the electric is now being installed on his family's new residence at 195 Glenwood Avenue.  Most of our time was spent talking about this house - 226 East Utica.


The City has owned this single family home since November 2006. It's currently assessed at $18,000 and has been marked for demolition.

IMG_2883 IMG_2817

You'll notice that 226 East Utica is also on the 'farm block' - see map. Some friends of the Queen City Farm project recently considered it for homesteading and instead chose a smaller house,  one block away. While deciding between the two different places they a property inspection report was completed for 226 East Utica. I asked Rod how extensive the report was and he said it's about 2" thick.

So if you're interested in making a very progressive and considered move to Buffalo - or relocating within the city - come on over and take a closer look at 226 East Utica. We'll have a copy of the property inspection report available for you.

If you're new to fixBuffalo here's the post - Saying Goodbye? - that got the Queen City Farm project rolling and make sure to check out out the Queen City Farm film.

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Anonymous said...

Nice little bit of detail work under the front eaves. From what little I can tell from the photos, I don't see any roof-sagging issues, and aside from some missing shingles I can see where there have been repairs done on the roof in the past few years. Real bonus if water intrusion has been kept to a minimum.