The Bells of St. Ann's

I got the call early Tuesday morning. "David, Martin Ederer needs some help with bells this evening, are you available?" Ever since hearing Dr. Ederer's story about setting the clock in the steeple and ringing the bells for St. Ann’s Tridium, that he told on last year's Tour de Neglect, I'd been hooked. Here's that post from last summer when he described the narrow intricacies of the clock tower.


Tuesday night, I went inside and climbed a dozen stair cases that reminded me of previous explorations in Aachen, Cologne and Paris. While I waited for the rest of the evening's bell ringers I had 20 minutes to myself, 200 feet above Broadway. I was mesmerized. I could hear the sounds of children on the street.  I thought of the countless artisans and workers who built the structure that surrounded me. I sent pics to NYC and started to catch sight of the bells and clock works that were marking the passage of decades.  Here's a small set of pics.

Here's St. Ann's official site and a recent post comparing St. Ann's to how others worship - here.


I told MJ about the St. Ann's Tridium and invited him to ring the bells tonite. Here's some truly exceptional pix - St. Ann's slide show.

Yes, Bishop Kmiec plans to close St. Ann's next year.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up and the invite.

It was a great experience (and view!) and Martin is a great guy. I could have taken photos for hours.

Talking with a few of the people it good to know they are putting up a fight. It’s ridiculous to close a place like this while St. Mary's in Clarence "needs" to expand. It’s a shame that WNY Catholics can not find it within themselves to worship along side the poor that their religion holds in such high regards or even to just preserve these amazing glass and stone testaments of their faith created by their ancestors, if not just in blood but in faith.

Class segregation knows no limits. It appears even religion has a hard time conquering it.

Anonymous said...

It was great being up there with all of you Tuesday night.

I encourage everyone to visit St. Ann's. It's open Sunday mornings and tours can be arranged. Contact info. can be found on the parish website.

While the diocese plans to merge it with Ss. Columba-Brigid, it did receive an extension. St. Ann's will be open for the many, exciting sesquicentential celebrations through September, 2008.

Come see this church-shrine, a spiritual and cultural landmark on Broadway and Emslie.

Sancta Anna, ora pro nobis!
Heilige Anna, bitte für uns!
Saint Ann, pray for us!