Why Not, Buffalo?

Just saw this on National Vacant Properties Campaign site - Shrinking Cleveland - a few weeks too late, sorry.
Wrote about the Shrinking Cities project as it criss-crossed the country earlier this year. Here - Detroit and in Berkeley. So if Cleveland could host this, why not Buffalo, NY? We're shrinking at a faster rate than Cleveland!

Wrote about Cleveland, OH in few recent posts - Cleveland's Housing Court - a September 2006 visit by Housing Court Judge Henry Nowak, Building Inspector Tracy Krug and Housing Activist Michele Johnson. Cleveland in Decline, focuses on a recently released movie and documents some of the structural issues that have to be addressed on the urban prairie in Cleveland.

I know. Perhaps it's too much for Byron to handle. Especially considering the denial that's going on over here in Sickamore Village.
See also - Getting Smarter about Decline...includes links to Blueprint Buffalo. For those of interested in issues involving "brownfield reclamation" see Learning from Others. Make sure to check out LISC - Buffalo and National Vacant Properties Campaign for addtional information regarding issues and major public policy initiatives involving abandondment, vacancy and the management of decline.
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