905 Humboldt - update...

First visited 905 Humboldt near East Utica, May 2005. Earlier this week I noticed some substantial work happening at this location [google map].
There's nothing new on the City's site regarding ownership at 905 Humboldt since the 66K foreclosure two years ago. This entire neighborhood around East Utica and Humboldt has some amazing homes. Check out this post about a few of them - right here.
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While the activity here and also on Northampton is significant, not sure yet if it represents a significant trend. Like to think so...as the work at both locations appears to be done with the sort of care fixBuffalo readers might be used to on streets such as Norwood or Ashland Avenues...
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Anonymous said...

The buyer ANTHONY LINORIA is apparently a "foreign" investor, who has purchased 3 Bflo properties in HUD foreclosure, while having no mortgages:

905 Humboldt, 4/12/06 from HUD, $11000

104 Baynes, 7/24/06 from HUD, $12439

25 Copsewood, 4/12/07 from HUD, $10111

Dick Kern

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks for the update. Really appreciate your input and extending my work to other parts of the City.

Anyone on Baynes or Copsewood care to comment on Anthony's stewardship of these other properties. If 905 is any indication of how he handles things...Welcome to Buffalo, Anthony!

Anonymous said...

My aunt lives right across the street from the Copsewood property so I can have her give me updates...

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks...let us know. Send in a pic, so I can add it to this post...


Unknown said...

Her name is Linoria Anthony. I realize these comments were written over a year ago, but I'd like to point out that my mother is a FEMALE (sexist much?) anyway, I find this site creepy that it took my family months to figure out how much she paid for the houses after she became sick and someone randomly posted it here. (that explains why the houses are no longer being worked on) Would anyone like to buy one of the three?...or all three?(all three have been worked on in some way,my guess is Humboldt has the best value and then copsewood being that the street is pretty nice for it's location and last but not least baynes...I mean it's right near Buff State and not far at all from D'Youville (I went to Da Vinci HS so I know how quick of a walk it is) I'm easily contacted at (716) 715-6445 for more information. my name is Yvonne.

fixBuffalo said...


Just so you know...the guy who started this comment stream - Dick Kern - is a long time Buffalo housing advocate. That information is freely available at City Hall/County Hall and also on-line in a number of places.

Place looks great!


Unknown said...

I know now isn't a good time to be trying to sell a house, let alone three, but my mother's health has made keeping the houses nearly impossible. Is there an agency in Buffalo that would buy the houses off of my family? Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.

Rebecca M. said...

Hello, my name is Rebecca. My family was the previous owner of 104 Baynes. I grew up in that house and remember it very fondly. Currently I am 20 years old and still in the area. I am interested in buying back my childhood home. I stumbled upon this blog after doing a few searches on property taxes to find out who owns my old house. Over the past few years I have driven by with a broken heart to see how neglected the house looked. With my own child on the way, I want to reclaim 104 Baynes and restore it to it's original vitality. Yvonne, I hope I get in touch with you soon and that "the house" (as we all called it) is still available.

Rebecca M.

fixBuffalo said...


Please email me - davidtorke@gmail.com - to discuss this further.