Sickamore Village?

Here at the corner of Sycamore and Jefferson I spotted 30 large dump trucks dropping loads of dirt the other day. I remember talking with East Side Housing activist Michele Johnson last year about this site and it would appear as though the site is undergoing some sort of "environmental remediation."
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Check closely and see the "cap" of tightly compacted dirt in some of the pics. If anyone has additional information about this remediation project, please tell. What could be hidden under there? I do know that three of these recently constructed homes have always been vacant and some plans for other houses in the area were stopped. Why?

I met the owner of this vinyl victorian, right across the street from this project on Sycamore, the other day. He thought that a few dozen homes were going to be built. They will be replacing houses like this, which was on the block last summer and demoed about a month ago. This particular brick house had a new roof three years ago and save the missing windows was in good structural condition.
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This is what things looked like last year along Sickamore...
Wonder if anybody here will be planting a vegetable garden any time soon. Remember Hickory Woods? And yes, that's the recently condemned Buffalo Forge plant in the background.
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Anonymous said...

looked over the sanborn maps of the area and found nothing really glaring to be past industrial hazard use at the intersection. it might just be migration from buffalo forge. the new house on the north west corner is built on a previous gas station though.

Anonymous said...

I lived across the street from the Buffalo Forge for 15 yrs. The plant constanly spewed a black ash constantly. It covered cars, fresh laundry on the clothes line and we BREATHED it.
It was the Spring/Sycamore area. Many of my relatives have died or either are being treated for cancer of the stomach & colon. Some of us have Lupus.
I would like to hear from anyone who lived in the area by posting to this site.

Anonymous said...

If you lived in this neighborhood, did you contract stomach/colon cancer or lupus.
If you lived down there you breathed the black smut that was spewing out of that plant.
Any coments, please post.