Artspace Area - Investment Impact...

Somebody just scooped up 38 Northampton. It's right across the street from the new Artspace development and 100 feet away from the Post Office. I had a chance to speak with a long term tenant that was getting ready to move out over the weekend. Grocery shopping just down the street on Jefferson and the subway is just blocks away.
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What makes this recent sale extraordinary is not the sale price, 30K, but that it was on the market for less than 60 days! And check out some of the surrounding residential property 100' away!
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Check out the Artspace Archive for additional commercial and residential investment opportunities, especially this post from January!
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Anonymous said...

im not very happy. i tried to buy 73 glenwood 3 or 4 years ago. they were asking around 40g! out rageous! anyway,they removed the'for sale' sign a year or so later so i assumed it was no longer 4 sale. woe is me.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to see is an expose into the horrible condition the immediate surrounding area of artspace is kept in. the building housing artspace is the BEST thing on that entire city block. the owner of the artspace building, which is NOT the Artspace organization, keeps the other part of that block long facade in a shambles, both on Main street and on the Northampton side (immediately behind the post office at the corner of Main and Northampton ). Take a look on any day of the week and you will find 5 to 10 foot tall weeds bursting through cracked sidewalk and parking lot pavement, mounds of trash and cigarette butts accumulated in patches of green dotting sidewalk on Main. Trash strewn on the Northampton side and in the parking lot behind the post office. It is a d@mned shame, the owner and the clinic occupants of 1235, 1237 and 1241 Main make no attempt whatsoever to keep their areas clean and free of garbage and weeds. This is what changed my mind from renting at Artspace. Who wants to drive and walk past garbage and mile-high weeds everyday?