Homesteading the city with Fox News: final cut

Fox News contacted me after Alana Semuels LA Times story - As an alternative to demoltion, Buffalo offers homes for a dollar - ran last month about the city's homestead program. I spoke with Ron Ralston, Fox News producer and invited his crew to Buffalo last week. We spent the day talking with homesteaders and neighborhood residents about alternatives to demolition and neighborhood stabilization.

This segment features  Deyron TabbMike Puma and Matt Newton who've successfully purchased former city-owned houses in the city's Hamlin Park Historic District for $1.

This is the final cut that airs on Fox News over the weekend.

Fox News also interviewed Brendan Mehaffy, Executive Director of the City's Office of Strategic Planning. Brendan continues to be a strong supporter of the city's homestead program.
Knocking a house downs costs about $20,000 on the average in the City of Buffalo.
If we can sell a house for $1 we can save $20,000 and we can invest it in something else. We can get a property on the tax rolls and improve it with private money, not public money. 
Kudos to all involved in helping to spread the word about the urban homesteading program in the beautiful and resilient city of Buffalo NY.


Anonymous said...

Only 8-10 homes are sold for $1/year?! Why not 100s per year? So frustrating and yet another reason I left for Portland, Oregon last month. I will always love ya, Buffalo but I need a higher quality of life and a more cohesive vision of urbanity.

Unknown said...

i really like this News, looks great