Building Buffalo Back: a night at Wythe Hotel

I received this announcement earlier today:

Building Buffalo Back: Developing Buffalo's Urban Core & Creating Sustainable Solutions an evening at Brooklyn's new (must see) - Wyeth Hotel.

Buffalo - Wythe Hotel 1 Buffalo - Wythe Hotel 2
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I'm not going. If you are and can make an audio recording of the event, please let me know. I'd like to make this gentrifying conversation available to a larger audience.

PS: I just checked, there still a few rooms available at Wythe Hotel for Wednesday evening with Manhattan views for $525/night.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather buy a house in Buffalo for that money.

Anonymous said...

the manager of the Wythe is from Buffalo, and offered to host the event for free with all bar proceeds going to PUSH.

Judith anticola said...

I have stayed at the Wythe when in Williamsburg and loved it!! I could see that a hotel of that type could fit in Buffalo, in one of the Warehouses facing the River. Would the Wythe open one here???? We don't have a lot of high end or boutique type hotels hotels in Buffalo.

Lesterhead said...

Darn, sorry I missed this!