Saving St. Gerard's - Part I

Are plans to dismantle and relocate St. Gerard's Church now dead? I spoke with Patricia Chivers, Communications Director for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA, this morning. I asked her about the rumors circulating that THE BIG MOVE is now off, and asked about the status of fundraising and long-term plans for St. Gerard's.

IMG 6956

She seemed unaware that the Diocese of Buffalo is currently marketing St. Gerard's to other prospective buyers. She told me that the local parish has not provided an update for at least one year regarding the status of plans for the property, and promised a statement on the issue within two days.

Chrissy Lincoln, Director of Operations at Preservation Buffalo Niagara—the only preservation group that supported the deconstruction and Atlanta move four years ago—said she recently toured St. Gerard's and has been approached by the Diocese of Buffalo to help market the property to qualified buyers.

If you haven't seen St. Gerard's magnificent interior, take a moment and scroll trough local architectural photographer Jim Cavanaugh's stunning series. He's captured the splendor of this East Side treasure.

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

I was, and still am ok with someone relocating this church if it gets the attention it needs to last another 100 years. But I'm also ok with leaving it here if it gets properly maintained. Everyone here knows that WNY has a stockpile of churches, rotting away for various reasons. We don't need to add another to that list.
Already signs of vandalism and theft are rearing their ugly heads. If you look on the side of Delevan, you'll see someone removed some of the copper downspouts from the top level of the Church, which means water is now pouring down onto the secondary level. Deterioration is taking place and someone needs to step up and stop it.

davidhirschbine@hotmail.com said...

this is what we at saint anns church and shrine are trying to stop happening to us having won are appel to rome to stop the dio. of buffalo from closing and demolishing our church please pray for the success of our struggle

Anonymous said...

@David Hirschbine - Clearly you didn't actually read the article. They're not proposing to demolish St. Gerard's, but to disassemble it and reassemble it at another site.