Larkin Power House - Demolition or Preservation Part II

Developers Peter Krog and Jim Cornell have made it no secret that they want to demolish the Larkin Power House, first reported here.

Saved ! - 7/22/14


When workers at the site were salvaging bricks from an exterior wall last April, Krog and Cornell were "blown in" by the Campaign for Greater Buffalo for beginning a demolition without a permit. A stop-work order was issued, and the Campaign prepared an application to designate the Power House and its neighbors as the Larkin Historic District. This would formally help preserve the sole visible remnants of Frank Lloyd Wright's work at the complex, as well as all of the remaining iconic factory buildings. Here's a map of the planned Larkin Historic District and a historic site map to further orient you to this development. 

The hearing will be on Tuesday, July 15, 2:00 pm, in the Common Council Chambers. You are urged to attend and, if possible, speak in favor of landmark designation. This building, or the landmark-designation process itself, must not come tumbling down.

Here is the Larkin Historic District application and supporting photo archive. It is fascinating reading. It includes a picture of renowned architectural historian Reyner Banham clambering up the Power House chimney. 

It is short notice, and the hearing is to occur during the workday, so it is difficult for many to attend. You can still make your voice heard by writing a brief note to the City Clerk declaring your support. These will go into the packets the Common Council will receive and be part of the public record.

The contact info is:

Gerald Chwalinski
City Clerk
1308 City Hall
65 Niagara Square
Buffalo, NY 14202

Please alert friends and colleagues who may want to support preservation of the Larkin Power House and the Larkin Historic District. Your support will be critical.

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