Kaleida/UB - February 2010

One of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in the City is well underway. This $500m project is the latest edition to the City's medical campus and and frames the southern portion of this neighborhood here at the corner of Ellicott and Goodrich. To the north is Canisius College and the City's largest preservation district - the Hamlin Park Preservation District.
Late last week the building's structural steel frame was beginning to take shape.
Just around the corner and sandwiched between the Medical Corridor and Canisius/Hamlin Park are two of the City's most significant development opportunities. Lourdes church on Main Street and St. Vincent's Asylum are both located steps away from the area's unprecedented investment. While 'demolition by neglect' may be the only current plan, the future of both spaces remains uncertain.
See the Kaleida Archive for additional information, pics and posts.
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Anonymous said...

I thought that al-Kaleida is supposed to be using the name "Great Lakes Health System" according to the terms of the merger?

olcott_beach said...
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