Coe Place - New Listing

I caught up with JM Reed the other day and he wanted to make sure that fixBuffalo readers see what's beginning to happen on Coe Place. He picked up the new listing for 25 Coe Place, right here. Asking price for this existing two family house is $64,900.
If you haven't walked the neighborhood along Coe Place in the past year, you're in for a few surprises. The pace of renovation has picked up significantly and a number of individuals are seeing the area around Artspace as the next new neighborhood; an emerging destination just off Main Street, near transit and sandwiched between the Medical Campus and Canisus College.

Interested in the neighborhood? Contact JM for further information - J-M Reed/ Broker Associate MJ Peterson, 431 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY 14202 • 716 713-6408 jm@reedsalesco.com.

For additional information about Coe Place check out my early posts, here.
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