Church Auction - Main Street

This Saturday at 11am Our Lady of Lourdes will be auctioned. Here the details from Cash Cunningham's site.
Our Lady of Lourdes was one of the first Catholic Churches sold off by the Diocese back in the 90's and is located on Main Street just a few blocks south of Artspace, at Best Street. I noticed this afternoon that at least one of the boards securing a window in the church's apse had been removed.
George Thomas Apfel, a former Lourdes parishoner, has provided additonal details about the church and the social history of the parish - here and here in two recent Buffalo Rising posts. Additional pics are available here on his website.

According to City of Buffalo records, the current owner purchased the property three years ago for $65,000. When I peeked through the front door, the interior looked like a disaster. A number of long time residents next door told me that the place has been vacant for at least 15 years.

Make sure to check out the 10 additional real property auctions that Cash is holding here in Buffalo and Lackawanna on Saturday, September 13th.
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Anonymous said...

talk about a sin!!!

on another note, the auction link is broke. its actually: http://www.cashauction.com/auction_list.php

Anonymous said...

Looks like it has been striped

smlg.ca said...

Any interior photos? Man, wish I had money and a reason to buy it.

fixBuffalo said...

I may have a few moments tomorrow morning to attend the auction, don't know. If anyone else has interior photos or is planning to attend, let me know. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

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