Burned in Buffalo

I know. Caveat emptor.
Despite warnings and all sorts of red flags dealing with "due dilegence," Michele Johnson and Co. have unearthed the "American Nightmare." Here's the film's trailer...

Come and see it. Yeah, I know you thought you knew all there was to know about Buffalo, NY. Remember what Upton Sinclair did to the meat packing industry in The Jungle? This all is happening on David Franczyk's watch, our very own Common Council President and (presumptive) Broadway Fillmore resident. Shame... Systematic disinvestment. If the abandoned, boarded, derelict and vacant house isn't being 'flipped on Ebay' it's probably not really boarded and may even be owned by the City!

Here's the current listing of Buffalo, NY on Ebay and two additional Ebay listings you may be interested in, if you are from Buffalo, NY!
Don't forget 28 Eaton Street here in Buffalo, NY...it's being sold right now on Ebay by La Jolla Jewelry in West Hollywood California...!!

Read the comments in the local blogosphere. Here and here via BuffaloPundit and over at BuffaloRising, right here.

Please note...

Michele Johnson will be on Koons Avenue Sunday June 4th...and will lead the discussion about the impactthe Wollenberg Grain Elevator has on the surrounding neighborhood,during the fourth stop on the Tour de Neglect Bicycle Tour...

She led the fight against a 'flipped' house at 242 Koons that was finally demolished last February. The owner's Hamilton and Lydia Woods still have not paid one penny of the $9000.00 demolitionbill that City incurred! What makes matters worse is that the City of Buffalo hasn't even filed a judgement against this couple from RedwoodCity, CA...(btw...they are community activists in Redwood City!...)
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B said...

Please explain more for people not as familiar with details:

1.) As you see it, what specifically is Fronczak supposed to be doing that he's not?

2.) And even if he refuses for whatever reason to do the thing(s) you list, couldn't Mayor Brown-Casey do them?

3.) What about in council districts of Masten, Ellicot, or Niagara, are similar things going on?

I'm not saying you're wrong about any of this, just trying to understand. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Fronczak was not agressive enough when this tragedy of a neighborhood began. If he was more vocal or showing the blite to
the public as this video shows maybe it would not have gotten this far. The mismanagement of the
Broadway Market is also another tragedy. It seems to me that Franczak and his crew have accomplished nothing for this area.
Fontana seems to be tougher on the issues and takes more of a stand for Lovejoy. I voted for Karen Ellington as Council person hoping that she would have made a difference that Fronczak couldn't.
Maybe Franczak was in over his head. We need young fresh minds to keep this city alive. This would include the Broadway Market.
Does Franczak even live in the Fillmore District. Would he let his family walk the streets of Broadway Fillmore even in daylight?

fix buffalo said...

B & Anon...

Franzcyk has sytematically worked against private investment in BF. He's the champion of regulating landlords and driving good landlords out of this district. He has done this for the better part of a decade...

He is more concerned with a former TB Hospital in Perrysburg NY - see my perrysburg archive in this posts template - than he is with focusing attention on his district.

Other areas of the City are not far behind. Some area of Masten are in the same shape as BF.

Franczyk is way over his head and lacks focus in attracting private investment. And as Anon points out the entire Broadway Market debacle is reason enough to run him out of town.

btw...B...you've been commenting for awhile...do you subsribe?

b said...

Thanks for explanation. Yeah sounds like DF in over his head, but unfortunately msot other counclil members, candidats, and mayor's staff are probably similarly useless. It's hard problems to deal with. Suggestion I saw on Bflo Rising is to greatly strengthen law that inpsections must pass prior to any sale. Someone should sponsor that, plus find ways to amke demolitions for less cost so more can be done where necessary. Still, the underlying lack of economic growth will probably keep things much the same.

About subscribing (assume you mean RSS type feed subscribing), funny you mention that because I've been looking for a good easy service for that. Had some Buffalo-related blogs subscribed in Bloglines but that's so inefficeint to read/browse I seldom use it now - have some other ways to see feeds. I like your blog, btw- very good fact-basis you always include instead of the usual ranting/raving on so many others (many of those type on wnymedia.net are just too annoying to read). Good luck!

fix buffalo said...


buy subscribing I mean using feedblitz over on the top left hand side of the blog...

thanks for the kind words. It's the way I see it...

Anonymous said...

Another thing that bothered my
husbank and myself. What happened
to the Pulaski Day Parade on
Broadway. There was I believe
construction one year and it went
to Cheektowaga. It never came back. Am I the only person that
noticed this? Why hasn"t Francak
done anything about this? Does he
walk the parade in Cheektowaga?
Also, is David Dale part of Broadway Market Management? Hasn't
he been disbared as an attorney?
And isn't he part of the Sloan scandal. Need I say more.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to comment on the condition of the homes in BF area.
Do people realize these homes become this way by what lives in them. These people have no jobs,and are probably on the welfare system. Please do not tell
me this is not true because I live on Brownell St. and have seen with my own eyes what these subhuman creatures can do within a month. My elderly neighbors had a beutiful home but had to leave due to age. Within a month the home was destroyed. Whose to blame?
These creatures as I call them were so lazy, they threw their trash out the window, smashed the front picture window, broke the front door, destroyed the porch, the garage door is now missing, trash in the garage, and this is only the outside. Would hate to see the inside.