28 Eaton Street on Ebay...

Just got an e-mail from Michele Johnson about 28 Eaton Street. It's on Ebay! Auction # 4463522952. This is right across the street from the cottage that Shawn Luchey's partially decomposed body was found in recently. Here's the city's official property description: 28 Eaton Street. It's owned by Robert Ibarra and it appears as though he purchased the property from a bank foreclosure about two years ago for $7K.

Correction: Bank sells it to Iverson Investments for 7K on 4/3/04
and next day Robert Ibarra buys it for 20K...

Here's yesterday's picture. It's the one in the middle.
Eaton Street - May 2006
I'll take another tomorrow. The phone number in the Ebay auction reaches La Jolla Jewelry in West Hollywood, CA. tel. # 323-654-0404. I just left a message. I'll call City Hall tomorrow and find out 28 Eaton's Housing Court history.
Update....5/17/06 10pm
I investigated the actual condition of 28 Eaton Street this afternoon. Here the new pics...It's wide open and directly across the street from the scene of the grizzly murder...Imagine, another abandoned house, wide open...only in the 'hood! No, I did not go inside...

DSCN3355 DSCN3356 DSCN3357 DSCN3358
click to enlarge
Still no news from Rober Ibarra or La Jolla Jewelry.

Do everyone a favor. If you plan to buy this house, live there. Simple. Why? I'm your neighbor.
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Anonymous said...

hey i'm in l.a.... if it wasn't dangerous, i'd go confront the owner... i will check out "la jolla jewelery" though, to see if it's legit

fixBuffalo said...


We'll probably end up placing this post on Craigslist for the West Hollywood area...