Photo of the Day: 136

Exchange Street and Washington Street (google map).

IMG 7712

New York State's second largest city has one passenger railroad track.

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Anonymous said...

The photograph is of the Exchange Street Station and of the spur to the only other station, Niagara Falls. The main Amtrak station for Buffalo is Depew. Depew is on the main tracks. Depew Depot, Niagara Falls and Exchange Street are all among the worst stations in the Amtrak system.

Anonymous said...

I believe the NF station is in the process of being rebuilt (?)

Anonymous said...

That would be great. Thank you! Also for one train per day, Niagara Falls is not the terminus but just a stop on the way to Toronto, so the rail connection from Buffalo to Toronto is only one track in Buffalo, just as fixbuffalo posted. My mistake.

Zachary S. said...

Cool picture, that whole area near the skyway is just beautiful to look at. Hopefully Buffalo can amp up it's transportation now that the new stadium is being built with all of the Harbor work being done. Fingers crossed!