My weekly fix - week #5

Another dose of urbanity...

Metropolis Magazine covered this week's opening of the Frank Lloyd Wright Gas Station, here. The exhibit is Jim Sandoro's latest addition to an expanding collection at the Pierce Arrow Museum. Follow the museum's link for additional information about the project that remained unbuilt during Frank Lloyd Wright's lifetime.

At the other end of Lake Erie in Detroit this week, Anna Clark author of A Detroit Anthology (May 2014) has an Op-Ed in the New York Times - Going without Water in Detroit. Residents of Detroit have recently appealed to the United Nations for relief as up to 300,000 residents are facing water shut-offs. Detroit's water wars have prompted the formation of the Detroit Water Brigade and coverage of this human and urban disaster is now getting global coverage. The Guardian is reporting, here.

Copenhagenize has been following the construction and design development of the world's first elevated cycle track, here. This truly innovative project will elevate cycle commuting to a new high and set a new bench mark for bicycle infrastructure.

Moved By Grace, the attempt to plunder St. Gerard's one of the city's most exquisite architectural and cultural treasures by a suburban Atlanta GA congregation, has hit an inconvenient snag. It's been reported on a number of FaceBook posts that Preservation Buffalo Niagara was contacted by the Buffalo Diocese for assistance in re-marketing St. Gerard's. Chrissy Lincoln from PBN confirmed that contact and PBN has un-officially conducted tours of the church. Stay tuned.

Kosuke Okahara is working on a long-term project documenting the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. LensCulture recently profiled his series - From Emergency to Normalcy - which is part of his larger work Fragments/Fukushima. His work depicts life and death inside the exclusion zone. Okahara's riveting work evokes strong emotions and presents a challenge and a critical evalution of our dependency and reliance on the velocity of technological progress.

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