Photo update

I've migrated my photo collection to the France-based Ipernity site.  Yahoo's buy-out a few years ago and subsequent recent changes to Flickr's minimalist aesthetic forced my hand a few months ago. Going forward fixBuffalo photos will be uploaded and hosted right here on Ipernity.  

IMG 0815

In addition to the photos that appear on fixBuffalo, I've been out shooting in other places in Buffalo, NY like City of Night 2013.  I've travelled between Buffalo and New York City on Amtrak frequently and pointed my lens out the window.  Those pics are here.  There's a growing collection of Buffalo heritage photos that I'm archiving here.

IMG 7282

Urbex photography remains fascinating and continues to hold my attention.  Documenting and exploring the country's industrial remains...a work in progress.  Here's a shot from a Summer sojurn. Additional urbex photography ends up in this set.

IMG 5853

So after 8 years and 2 million visitors to my Flickr site, I've moved on.  The vibrant Flickr community, a community the embodied the spirit of social-networking, is split on the changes and many of my contacts have now switched sides.  The pics will stay yet you'll have to check my Ipernity site for what I'm focusing on going forward.  If you're shooting - or considering picking up a camera - and sharing your images with others, check out Ipernity.  

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Anonymous said...

I can't agree with you more, David. Its growing on me, but its no-where near what it used to be and unfortunately its a product of its own demise. It was a hodge-podge of features that eventually "worked", then the whole glassy 500px type design creeped up on it and destroyed it. They tried to put lip-stick on a pig, and it just didn't work.