CNU22: Part I

As part of a 'kickoff' event for CNU22 in Buffalo next year, Norman Garrick, Professor of Transportation & Urban Planning at the University of Connecticut and CNU Board Member, will be speaking in Buffalo on October 3, 6 pm, at the Central (downtown) Library. Mr. Garrick has done some groundbreaking work on urban expressway removal, and it would be good to engage him with the Scajaquada, Kensington, and Skyway/Route 5 expressways. 

In addition, we will be screening John Paget's latest video "Buffalo: America's Best Designed City" and learning more about next year's CNU held in Buffalo from June 4–7, 2014.

Speaking of expressway removal - make sure to check out the fixBuffalo Kensington File.   Download the event PDF and feel free to print or otherwise distribute as you see fit.  

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Anonymous said...

I used to think Buffalo was OK but it's a city that can't get out of its own way, in so many ways.

The people are not "nice" or "friendly" as they claim, but overly suspicious of others they don't know. This causes people to "turn off" to them (whether they realize it or not), and thus to the city (whether they realize it or not), or even care.

Just thought the readers should know that Buffalo has many more problems than just the ones that are obvious. The one I mentioned above is obvious to those "outsiders" but apparently not to those here.People talk about this, but not to the ones here who haven't a clue. Maybe they should.