Part II - The Bulldozer's New Map

Last week I posted The Bulldozer's New Map pin-pointing 57 City-owned residential properties that were targeted recently by the City's East Side demolition blitz. That google map mash-up was later picked up here by Aaron Beseker at the Buffalo News.  
A second set of eyes on many of these properties can reveal some important last minute saves.  With that in mind, a local preservationist and frequent Buffalo Rising writer Mike Puma went out and photographed 30 of the properties that appeared on last week's list.  Mike focused his lens on the area that Broadway Fillmore Alive blogger Chris Byrd wrote about in Demolishing PoloniaHere's what Mike saw
Still no word on the fate of two West Side City-owned properties that got mixed up with the City's blitz - 298 15th Street and 373 14th Street.   Both properties are located steps away from some of most progressive community based housing initiatives.  While outside of the City's $1 homestead eligible zone, I'm sure they could be acquired for a reasonable sum.  

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