Ellicott District Demolitions - the bulldozer's new(est) map

On Monday evening, during a recent district stakeholders meeting at the Pratt Willert Community Center, Ellicott District Council Member Darius Pridgen provided this list of 68 properties that are slated for demolition.
Here's that list mapped.
There are three significant buildings that appear on this list.  Sacred Heart Church at 198 Emslie Street, Public School #75 at 57 Howard Street and the City's oldest synagogue which was designated as a local landmark (by the City's Preservation Board in 1997) at 407 Jefferson Avenue.

Related: The Bulldozer's New Map - 57 City-owned residential demolitions reported by the Buffalo News on January 29, 2012.  Part II: The Bulldozer's New Map - photos by Mike Puma of 30 of the recently announced 57 City-owned residences scheduled for demolition.  


Resurrect Buffalo said...

Google Map

555 Seventh Street - classic Victorian Stick and it is on the demolition list.

Trying to get Habitat for Humanity interested but I would rather see the place restored not retrofitted for the 21st century.

The Loosh said...

What's the story with 266 Hudson Street? It looks completely intact and well-maintained on an intact street and even looked occupied, and is architectural significant to boot.

Eisenbart said...

Why all the demolitions on the lower west side all of a sudden? They are happening so fast. :(

sweeper said...
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sweeper said...
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Anonymous said...

266 Hudson doesn't seem right at all. It appears to be occupied and is not in falling down crack house condition.

The property on Virginia is, I think, an old movie theater, but it has been vacant for at least a decade and is in a very advanced state of disrepair.