Wonder where it all goes...?

This is an amazing building. Wonder Bread is an early 20th century, steel-reinforced concrete "daylight factory."


The building's interior spaces are characterized by tall ceilings, large south-facing windows, and open layout to maximize the penetration of natural light. The exterior, faced in blond brick, does not reference its structural framing in concrete and is an ode to preceding 19th century load-bearing, timber-framed mill buildings. The windows at top are references to the Roman arch, a common feature of British and American mill buildings in the late 19th century.

Pyramid Brokerage lists the Wonder Bread building - 313 Fougeron - for $800k. In other markets such a spectacular spot would be snapped up in New York minute. Two years ago Buffalo Rising took a close look at a business located at Wonder Bread. Here's that story with a few interior pics.

This blog's focus has centered on a number of unique City-owned residential structures in the past few years - the Woodlawn Row Houses, 2 Girard, 16 Harwood Place and 194 East Utica. In additon, a number of religious buildings have been placed on the local radar, these include: the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home, St. Matthew's, Transfiguration and Sacred Heart. Occasionally I've posted about some of the East Side's threatened industrial treasures.

The Wollenberg Grain Elevator was City-owned and had recently been listed on the National Register. It was demolished by neglect and burned during the night in October 2006. This year, in addition to the new City Abandoned series, a number of threatened industrial buildings on the City's East Side will be profiled.

Meanwhile curious minds would like to know what happened to the missing 'N' - it was dangling by a thread last Friday. By Monday it was missing.

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