16 Harwood - Still Available...

I learned last week that 16 Harwood Place - that I had previously thought was 'saved' - is now available again. Evidently the successful bidder at last September's special auction has decided to opt out and not pursue the deal. The City had agreed to sell this 'terra-cota tile' cottage for $3800.
16 Harwood Place has an amazing history and is closely related to the 'Luke Easter' House on Northland Avenue. I've compiled the house history here - Little House on the (urban) Prairie - which is significant architecturally and historically as one of two houses in the Hamlin Park Preservation District that contain structural elements and architectural detail that were designed and manufactured on the site.

It was one of 104 other properties that were on the block last September during a special city real estate auction. Interesting that only 31 of those city owned properties will be transferred to new owners. Here's that updated list.
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Joshua D. Hall said...

I drove by this property when I also looked at the homes on Jefferson. I love the all brick home. What I would propose is building a garage that blends in with the brick facade. And at only $3800, this would be a great investment. How much of the property does this homes sit on?

Anonymous said...

A lot of people, from what I have gathered, is they are afraid of two things about buying a house from the city.

1. Back taxes. Some of these houses don't look cheap to fix, which leads to two. Pricey considering the neighborhood that is.

2. Houses are cheap and construction is pricey and very time consuming and frustrating in general in the city limits.

I would love to own and fix that house but the reasons above put major doubts in my mind. The neighborhood doesn't scare me as much as the costs and frustration do.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this house and if the entire corner block was available for purchase, it would be perfect!

However, I am faced with two dilemmas; (1) other than painting and wall paper, I am pretty much a stumble-bum when it comes to be handy ~ unlike most guys, I admit my failings in this department.

And, (2) would an Anglo-Saxon white boy be accepted into an African-American neighborhood? I have been told, repeatedly that east of Main Street belongs to “The Hood” and that Jefferson Avenue is ripe with car-jackings ~ fact or fiction, I tend to believe the latter.

Anonymous said...

We took a close look at this house on last weekend's Jefferson Avenue tour with Buffalo Tours docents Cynthia Van Ness and Andrew Mitchell. I've never before seen a house like this, made of terra cotta brick (hollow!). Apparently made from the products of the terra cotta manufacturing company that used to own the property in the area. This is truly an amazing and unique building - there must be some very interesting backstory behind it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, regarding your concerns about the Jefferson Avenue area: on the tour last weekend we spent about 2 hours walking around and talking with neighbors and business owners (in addition to hearing about the history and architecture of the area). If you're apprehensive about the neighborhood, you may want to see it personally on the next offering of the Jefferson Avenue tour (from the BuffaloTours.ORG website):

23. Jefferson Avenue, Old & New (offered for the first time)
Jefferson Avenue is dotted by small, underappreciated shops and services, some of which have been owned and operated by the same Buffalo entrepreneurs and families for decades. From its origins as a German-American neighborhood in the 19th century through its evolution into an African-American neighborhood in the 20th century, discover how Jefferson Avenue has both lost and gained, and how new investment and in-fill architecture are strengthening this neighborhood.

Saturdays, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
(June 14, Aug. 9)

Meet at the Utica Metro Rail Station, and end at the Delavan College Station

Anonymous said...

cilaxe...sadly and reluctantly I had to let #16 go. During the 6 months and numerous (squeeky wheel) phone calls to a couple of great guys (truely) in City Hall; I was told in 3 seperate encounters to leave (i.e.-get off) the property by City employees in a pick-up truck, because although I had paid cash for it, I had not YET closed on it!(which hindered me from protecting it further from the elements and persons who'll take anything not nailed down on someone else's property). Never mind the shooting across Jefferson on Lythe or the stolen and abandoned car that sat in the driveway across from #16 for over a year undiscovered (until a "watchful" cop came down to see what I (an anglo) was doing there. Such events (and others)completely frustrated me to the point where I walked away from the deal with minimal "out of pocket" expense.
...all this aside---#16 is well worth all the love and attention someone could lavish on it! 30X116ft lot (buy the others and "homestead" one of them)...fyi...it took me 3hrs. to cut ALL the grass with a self propelled walk behind mower---funny--they did'nt tell me to leave when i was doing that...3 times!!! ), 6ft. tall basement, t/g floors(first AND second), actual horse hair in the plaster (over latte) No plumbing, and you'll redo all electrical and gas, roof etc... I feel very strongly that the area is moving in a positive direction and in a few years it will change for the better, like a catepillar to a butterfly!! Good Luck!

fixBuffalo said...

Please get in touch. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that the house is abandoned again. When I first saw this house I fell in love and I started to just imagine what it could look like, what I could do with it. Sadly the home will probably not be there when I am in the situation to be able to save it. Hopefully but unlikely someone can come save it before that. The boarded up house across the street also looks like it could be a lovely home.