1042 Ellicott Street - Saved!

The other day I stopped by 1042 Ellicott Street. It's located right around the corner from Coe Place and was owned by the City for the past few years. I'd always thought that the location and condition of this single family house would contribute to its revival and thought it was poised to bounce back from years of neglect. I had an opportunity to talk with the new owner about his plans for the place, too.

1042 is also right around the corner from Artspace where all sorts of additional rehab and development is taking place. fixBuffalo readers may remember what 1042 looked like in November 2005. It seems like the asphalt shingle siding did an incredible job preserving the house's original clapboard and detail.
1042 Ellicott -
In February 2007 I posted - 1042 Elicott - Just looking for love - with a set of interior shots.

I'll be checking in and keeping tabs on progress here at 1042 Ellicott in the next few months.
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Anonymous said...

Great save. One by one...
Amazing what was hidden behind the 'renovation'

Scott Robichaud said...

much love to the owner from a fellow rehaber!

Anonymous said...

Delighted this house will be renovated. Due to the nice stick-style details that were revealed underneath the newer siding, it really caught my eye a week or so ago when I was looking around the neighborhood to see what was new since taking The Tour a year ago.

Also was delighted to see the work on the Hamilton Ward house on Coe Place.