Say What?

Remember 2 Girard? Visited the place several times over the past two years. Showed up in Housing Court, too and asked Judge Nowak to spare this City owned house a demolition order. He didn't.
Rather confusing situation now. It's City owned and despite the demolition order somehow someone somewhere has stepped to the plate. We learned last month - City Property On-Line - that a sale is pending for 2 Girard.

Still no sign of anyone taking possession. High grass and totally open. It's still on my watch list. You can see it just before the Science Museum on left hand side of the 33 on your way downtown in the morning...
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Anonymous said...

I heard from a reliable source that several properties are now under contract and 13 more will be listed for sale in the next few weeks...and signs will be going up soon

Anonymous said...

It's of note to see that when properties are offered for sale, then buyers step forward and make offers. This needs to happen with ALL City owned properties that are not in use or otherwise intended for re-use. Those properties properly identified need to be maintained and/or mothballed to insure use-ability.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear happy!

City owned properties should be inventoried and reported to Citistat and Common Council, with date of acquisition, description of the building, property assessment, status and dispostion etc... for the administration and public to see. Put "For Sale" signs up listing contact information just like any other property for sale. Even (egads) hire a realtor to list the properties and have them under contract to market and sell the buildings.

Anonymous said...

I see no market for "saving" this house.

Bye bye :(

fixBuffalo said...


Sort of understand. I think moth-balling significant properties such as this is really a no-brainer. Do this for a few thousand and wait for the market to catch-up or spend 25K and take grandma's house to the landfill.

Anonymous said...

....OR have Buffalo ReUse take the house apart and salvage all the useful materials from it.

Seriously David...the market won't be "catching up" any time soon. There will have to be fundamental changes in the global economy, our consumption habits, and society as a whole before that happens. Simply waiting for the market to rebound in Buffalo is foolish, wishful thinking. And I believe you were the very one who keeps saying "hope is not a plan."

Until then, that derelict house (among so many others!) is nothing more than a flammable rat trap waiting for all sorts of malicious activity to happen in and around it.

For the sake of the neighborhood and the city, this thing needs to come down very soon.