Michigan Avenue Homestead?

The view from my office window, looking south down Michigan Avenue includes this house at 1466 Michigan [map - proximity]. Despite the obvious issues - windows, porch and siding - this two family house got a new roof five years ago and is structurally in great shape.
Picture 303
I know it's ugly, needs tons of cosmetic work and new plumbing and electric. It's just around the corner from the new 30m renovation of the Performing Arts HS. The City owns the two lots next door, so you could probably piece together a rather unique homestead. Interested? Let me know.

The alternative - 12-15K in tax payer sponsored demolition.
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Anonymous said...

what a wonderful building!!! what's the asking price? does the city own the house as well as the adjacent lots?

fixBuffalo said...


This is on the demo list...perhaps the case could be made that someone with the cash in hand for re-hab could get this house for $1. Yes, the City owns the lots, too.

Anonymous said...

david, i am trying to line things up so that i can fly up to buffalo sometime within the next three weeks. i really need to see your city, especially your neighborhood.